Called to the Campus

Today’s students will be tomorrow’s leaders. We believe in investing into students and the student ministry. If you’re a student we hope to see you soon!

Welcome Students!


We’re absolutely passionate about helping you discover Jesus and follow Him more intimately during your years at university.

Your uni years will hopefully be some of the best years of your life, and they’ll almost certainly be amongst the most formative due to the big life decisions you’ll make. It might be your first time living away from your parents, your first time doing your own cooking or managing a budget.

We’d love to help you with these practical things (if you need it) but even more than that we’re keen to help you find answers to the big questions of faith and life direction. Who or what are you going to follow?

Whether you’re already a Christian or you’re looking to discover who Jesus is, we’d love to help you on the journey. We look forward to meeting you.


Throughout history, many world-changing movements have started or gained traction on the university campus. Now is the time for another movement to spring up, as young men and women encounter Jesus and commit to following Him for the rest of their lives. The universities of London, the UK and Europe will be transformed as the movement grows but it won’t stop there; students graduate and these world changers will disperse to all nations on earth and continue as they did at uni, introducing people to Jesus and making disciples around the globe.

We are committed to being part of this movement, bringing the love, hope and life of Jesus to the wonderfully diverse student communities in London.