Serve on a Team

Serve on a Team

Serving the church, meeting new people and putting your talents to work? If that sounds good to you, explore how you can get involved!

Our Sunday Serving Teams

We are a volunteer-run church. As the old joke goes: “Noah’s ark was built by volunteers, but the titanic was built by professionals”.

In his first letter to the church in Corinth, Paul compared the church to a body. Every believer is part of it: “God has put the body together, giving greater honour to the parts that lacked it, so that there should be no division in the body, but that its parts should have equal concern for each other. If one part suffers, every part suffers with it; if one part is honoured, every part rejoices with it. Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it”(1 Cor 12:24-26).

Serving on one of our teams is a fun and exciting way of living that out!

Our serving teams have different names and responsibilities across our congregations – have a look at them below and see if there is a team you would like to get involved in!

West Kensington Serving Teams


There are a number of teams that you can get involved with in West Kensington! We basically have 5 groups of teams that organise our Sunday services: Foyer, Auditorium, Kids & Teens, Admin and Stage.

The Foyer teams transform the foyer of the various buildings we rent out on a Sunday. They consist of two different teams: the Connection Team which welcomes people and helps them find their way around the venues and the Hosting Team which provides coffee, tea & biscuits to create a cozy hangout space before and after the service.

The Auditorium teams set up our sound, media, light and video equipment in the main church hall. The Sound Team is in charge of mixing and amplifying the band and speakers, the Light Team sets up and directs additional lights to create a fantastic atmosphere. The Media Team projects song lyrics, slides and videos during the service and the Set Up Team helps put up all necessary equipment needed on stage and behind the scenes.  The Seating and Ushering Team helps to set up our seating for our guests and also helps you find an available seat.

The Kids & Teens teams develop Sunday school lessons for and host our various kids groups. The Parents Room Team sets up a room with a live service link for parents and babies until the 18 months; the room has toys and nappy changing facilities. The Discoverers Team hosts all our kids aged between 18 months and 3 years and our EN Kids provides Sunday school lessons and fun activities for all kids between 4 and 11 years of age (from Reception to Year 6). The Teen & Youth Team stays in the service half way through worship and then hosts separate groups to wrestle with tough coming of age questions and their biblical answers.

The Admin teams ensure a smooth Sunday experience through their work during the week and behind the stage. The Sunday Admin Team oversees all the volunteers that work together on a regular Sunday, the Finance Security Team ensures that all tithes & offerings are being counted, processed and stored safely according to our statutes and the Design & Deco Team helps prepare all required designs and images for our Sunday services, both for projection and decoration of the venue!

Last but not least, the stage teams are those teams that have a stage role on a Sunday. The Worship Team leads the church in praise and worship to God, the Service Leader oversees the entire Sunday and acts as host who connects the several elements and the Preacher teaches the Word of God from the pulpit. We have certain requirements to participate in one of our stage teams: if you are interested in worship, our leaders will invite you for an audition. The service is usually led by one of the pastors or elders and the sermon is usually preached by the senior pastor of each congregation. Nevertheless, if God has gifted you in teaching and speaking we might be able to train you up and give you speaking opportunities, whether in a smaller setting or even during one of our services.

If you are interested to join one of the West Kensington teams or you are looking for more information please speak to Lawrence.

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Slough Serving Teams

We have quite a few ministries that you can get involved with in Slough. These are designed to serve the church but also to help you grow in your calling. Our hope is that these equip you for ministry, leadership and life both inside and outside of the church.

Currently, our Sunday morning ministries are the AV Crew, Band, Hosting, Decor, Resource Table, Kidz, Finance, Prayer Ministry, Service Leading and Preaching. We also have our Vision youth group on a Friday night and the Isaiah Project, which do a few events throughout the year.

The AV or Audio Visual Crew is responsible for everything sound and lights. They set the stage for radical worship… Literally! No technical knowledge is required to join the team and men and women are welcome. The Band leads the congregation in contemporary praise and worship songs. We don’t just sing songs though, we worship a living God, so this is a very dynamic time in the service. If you are interested in joining the band, we would love to invite you to a low-key audition.


The Hosting and Decor teams make sure that our venue feels like a home away from home. Hosting takes care of coffee, snacks and welcoming, helping you feel warm and cuddly. Decor provides beautiful flowers and props, which help keep our services fresh and inspiring. The Resource Table is responsible for all things administrative, like providing discipleship books, getting you connected with the right people to take the next steps in your faith walk, signing up for events, etc. Anyone is welcome to join any of these three teams.

 Our Kidz team puts on a great Kidz Club every Sunday. Our passion is to lead our children to meet and know Jesus, not just to teach them about Him. The Kidz Club is currently divided into three categories: EGGs (Exploring God’s Goodness) for kids aged 3 to school year 1, MADs (Making A Disciple) for year 2 to 4 and GUTS (Growing Under The Saviour) for year 5 to 8. The GUTS group stays in the adult service once every three weeks for our youth-focussed ‘Guts & Glory’ service. If you have a passion for children and/ or teaching, then this ministry is for you.

 We aim to do our giving in a discreet, secure and accountable way, which is where the Finance team comes in. The team counts and processes every Sunday’s giving, which include a few checks and balances. We prefer team members to have been around for a while to facilitate accountability.

The Prayer Ministry, Service Leading and Preaching teams all have two main objectives: to help us hear what God is saying and to help us respond appropriately. We provide a time of ministry response and an opportunity for personal prayer after every service. The Prayer Ministry team is made up of trusted and discerning members of the church. Service Leaders help direct the entire service and bring every aspect together while the Preachers bring an encouraging, often-challenging, always-relevant message from the Bible. Generally, people are approached to join any of these three teams.

 Our Friday night youth group for young people in school year 7 and older is called Vision. Please see our youth page here for more information and to get involved. Finally, the Isaiah Project is a ministry that seeks to reach out to and to help the vulnerable and marginalised and do great events like a Christmas party at the local shelter.

If you are interested to join one of the Slough teams or you are looking for more information please speak to Greg.

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Stratford Serving Teams


Our Stratford teams are all focused on working together to make our Sunday services an experience where Jesus is encountered and everyone is welcomed, encouraged and invited into community beyond Sundays.

The Hosting Team ensures that everyone who comes to worship on Sundays is made to feel at home by providing a warm welcome through an array of refreshments, and a venue that is tidy, convenient and well organised. If you love to make people feel special and welcome, and help guests get connected to the wider church family, then why not join our hosting team?

From tight slide transitions to sweet sound mixing, our AV (audio-visual) Team is on it when it comes to technical matters of sound and visuals. If you’re wired this way (pardon the pun) or would like to develop your skills in this area, then that’s the team for you!

Energy, energy and more energy! That’s a hallmark of our Kidz Church Team.

If you love working with children ages 3-11 years old, and to see lights go on as you share truth about Jesus with young hearts and minds, then this team is for you!

The Youth Team meets with our young adults once a month during the main service, and seeks to help them discover more to Jesus and the truth of His Word while grappling with real life issues. Sound like a buzz? Give it a go.

Our Worship Band is a group of musicians with hearts to lead the congregation in worship on Sundays. If you sing or play an instrument and share our heart for sincere worship, then we invite you to a simple audition to see whether there’s a spot for you on our worship band.

The Finance Team makes sure all weekly giving is securely and responsibly counted and managed. We’re looking for level-headed people with bags of character and an appreciation for good stewardship to be on this team.

The Welcome Team makes absolutely sure everyone who arrives at a Sunday service receives a warm welcome! The team also helps keep everyone informed. From helping people find the best connect group for them to flagging current empowering opportunities, this team is for those of you with a friendly smile and a heart to see people grow.

If you are interested to join one of the Stratford teams or you are looking for more information please speak to Andrew.

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